Environment Policy

Precision Components acknowledges that all businesses impact on the environment.
As a supplier to the Australian automotive industry, we therefore believe our company plays an important role in forging a more sustainable future within this industry.

We are therefore committed to better understanding and controlling the impact of our business activities on the environment and nearby community, and to the continual improvement of our environmental performance in relation to our products, services and operations. 

Our operations will fulfil the expectations of consumers and customers for quality products and services, while striving to minimize negative environmental impacts.

As a responsible organisation, we will also:

  • Ensure environmental considerations are an integral part of our strategic and operational business planning activities
  • Meet all environmental regulations and other requirements to which our organisation subscribes, relevant to our organisation and its activities
  • Strive to prevent pollution
  • Implement an environment management system to ISO14001 standard, which promotes
 commitment and involvement through all levels of the organisation
  • Continuously review our environmental management program and business operations to strive and   improve our utilisation of resources such as power, water, gas, chemicals, packaging and other raw materials
  • Achieve a level of environmental performance that exceeds basic regulatory compliance by regular review of performance standards
  • Impress upon our suppliers, contractors and customers the high priority Precision Components places on environment management issues and its potential effect on long term business relationships;
  • Set targets for measurable annual improvements.

It is the responsibility of all employees, visitors and contractors to fully support this policy through active
 participation and co-operation.

This environmental policy will be displayed at all times and is openly available to all members of the public via our website www.precisioncomponents.com.au

The introduction and implementation of this policy is a commitment of Precision Components Australia Pty Ltd management and a shared responsibility with our employees. The policy will be reviewed and updated as appropriate as part of our annual review system.

Darrin Spinks
, Managing Director