3D Laser Processing

Precision Components' advanced capability, high speed 3D laser processing system is optimised for flexibility and productivity.

Precison’s TruLaser Cell 8030 is integrated optimally into a high-productivity environment and used flexibly for further cutting applications. The use of the solid-state laser keeps part costs lower than those of the CO2 laser, and productivity higher.

The 8030 uses custom linear motors to deliver rapid traverse rates of 173m/min, with 1.6g acceleration on all axes. The result is higher cutting speeds to process thin, painted galvanised steel sheet 0.2mm, that would otherwise blister or catch fire, all the way up to 10mm steel plate. Precision’s TruLaser Cell 8030 can process component size up to 3000mm x 1300mm.

Precision has the most efficient 3D laser machine in Australia with the fully design and simulation capabilities.

Our clients include:

  • Morgan Advanced Materials
  • Holden
  • Electrolux
  • ASC

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